Hacking Guidelines:

  • You may not work on your hack before MasseyHacks VII begins.
  • You may not steal code, hardware or any other materials from any team at MasseyHacks VII.
  • The verdicts of the judges regarding prizes and awards are final.
  • All hacks must be submitted exclusively to MasseyHacks. No cross-submitting is permitted.

General Rules:

  • Please comply with the directives issued by any and all MasseyHacks VII organizers.
  • Avoid squandering time playing games or overindulging in social events. While we want this event to be fun, all play and no work is a bad fit for our values of innovation and development.
  • Harassment of any kind is completely intolerable. Discrimination and disrespect against people of specific races, schools, sexual orientations, beliefs or political views will result in disqualification and dismissal from the event.
  • All hackers must abide by the 7WC/MasseyHacks Code of Conduct.